A downloadable game for Windows

You work for The Government. Your job is to listen in to people's conversations and report any unlawful and politically incorrect activities. There is a lot of reading here. Sorry.

Done for GGJ2017 with Jakub Witczak, Andrzej Dominowski and Krzysztof Gnutek.

We used a lot of stuff from the Internet.

Sounds from freesound.org:

170210__michael-kur95__terminal, 211246__tomoyo-ichijouji__pagerustle, 237944__supersnd__light-switch-off, 276881__apollojavras__creepy-radio-sound-interferences-mix, 345021__soundtracvkradio__taxi-radio,


Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com

3D assets

I don't remember, sorry :(


Relay_v1.1.zip 28 MB


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I can't play on computer

interesting game though

i'm playing on computer. pls add controls for keyboard.

I loved how you told the story of an authorian regime via the game mechanics! To be a tool of the oppressors gave it an uncalming vibe, but that's what this game makes pretty special. The choices never felt really easy to me, and I tip my hat off to that! :) Thank you for this interesting gaming experience, happily I wrote a short article about your game and uploaded a gameplay video as well. <3 Looking forward to new stuff from you.

Best wishes,


I liked this game, interesting enough I had problems my first time playing it, as it saw my controller even though it was not plugged in. The Intro lets you complete it with mouse, but as soon as day 1 starts you seem to need a controller.

This is a pretty cool and interesting little game. The art style is simple and nice, and the mechanics and writing are well done. I have to say I didn't know what to expect from this game going in but I was rather impressed at its simple and interesting story. The story follows you as a government worker making sure citizens aren't plotting against the higher powers. But it's not as simply as "lets overthrow the higher power." The transmissions can be in code so there's a little riddle aspect to them which makes it kind of fun trying to decide. All in all, a short and simple little game. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

Hey, thanks for the nice comment :)